Portlandpress Conference Abstracts submission site help


Username and password

You need to pick a username and password which you will use in the future to log in to Portlandpress Conference Abstracts Online Submission web site.

Your username identifies you uniquely; it is usually best to pick a version of your full name, for example jane_smith or j_smith. The system will not allow you to choose a username that is already being used.

Your password proves you are who you say you are. Try to make the password impossible to guess, it helps to include numbers and punctuation marks, and to use both lower case and capital letters. If at all possible, try not to use the same password you use for any other system.

The username and password you enter here will be usable as soon as you have successfully registered. A copy of the username and password will be sent to your email address for your records. If at any point you lose the information, you can come back to Portlandpress Conference Abstracts registration site and request that a new copy be sent out to you.